Congratulations to the Oswayo Valley Class of 2014!

I hope you are enjoying your Senior Trip.  You know, for the record I would much rather be roaming the streets in Toronto than sitting through an Awards Assembly which is what I am doing now!  But life is full of trade-offs (which as you know is an Economics term).  So you are here looking for a clue for your Scavenger Hunt.

Here are your instructions and guidelines:

You have already been divided into teams, with captains.  

Follow all instructions—break no laws!! Don’t be careless when crossing the streets. 

Dress for activity, wearing clothes you would wear for Phys Ed--so get rid of those stupid flip-flops.

Take your room key with you—you won’t be back for a while. You may want your camera, too.  Take your ID with you!  And take some spending money!

You will earn points for different tasks along the way. It isn’t just a race, although speed counts. 

Keep all the envelopes and clues you find along the way and put them in the manila folder. 

Be alert for changes in the game.

You must trade 5 of the following items for your next clue (from Mrs. Metcalf)

The earliest you can trade for your clue is 8:30—but be mindful of the time because you have a schedule to keep!

There is a reward for the team that scores the most points!  And if you find magnetic signs that look like this you can earn bonus points.

If there is an EMERGENCY, you may call or text Mrs. Metcalf (814-203-0206) or Mrs. Burt (716-307-8947). Remember, your roaming charges will be expensive!

Oh, by the way, you may want to take care of plumbing needs. Grab a bottle of water if you want.  

Have fun.  Enjoy the rest of the trip!


Go Knights!