Welcome to Mr. Schlosser's Psychology Class

19 January 2014

This course spends one semester emphasizing man's understanding of himself (Psychology) and one semester emphasizing man's understanding of his relations with others (Sociology). Designed primarily as an introductory course, it serves as a primer for college prep students. A basic knowledge of how and why man does what he does enhances his interpersonal relationships. The course touches basic principles while at the same time offers more in-depth study as students initiate content on both individual and collective interest.

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Introduction to Psychology

The "Handbook for Psychologists and Sociologists" explains classroom guidelines and procedures. Because this class introduces students to a new dimension of Social Studies, a good deal of time is spent on core principles: What is Psychology?  How do we approach Psychology? What about research methods in Psychology? This introductory unit lays the foundation for the rest of the study.