Following the War Between the States, the country faced the huge--and complicated task of recovering from the war.  At the very center of the period lay the fundamental issues of reorganizing and readmitting the defeated southern states.  The problems were clear; the solutions were not.  Three groups struggled for control of Reconstruction:  the President; the Congress; and the Southerners themselves.
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First of all, you need to get started on your memory/recitation work.  For this unit you will be required to memorize amd recite the poem "O Captain! My Captain" by Walt Whitman.  Lincoln's assassination revealed how deep the emotions of the war reached and how difficult healing the nation would be. 

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For this unit we will be viewing an excellent video by PBS entitled "Reconstruction:  The Second Civil War".  We will take a few notes, watch a few scenes, take a few notes, etc.  The video fits nicely with what we will discuss in class.  Be sure to get the answers to the viewing guide questions from one of your classmates--or me--if you miss any of the video in class.

To help review for the test, BE ORGANIZED.  Start work with TERMS & DEFINITIONS and MEN & THEIR ACCOMPLISHMENTS.  Learn now that for each test, you will need to know vocabulary and people.  And another vocabulary sheet, too.  And what about each of the "Reconstruction Presidents"--what happened during their administrations?  

Geography 17:  Birmingham -- The Pittsburgh of the South

For the test--remember the five questions of Reconstructions!!  (And the answers that go with those questions.)