Essay Test
"Medieval Europe"

Your test for the 3rd segment of "The Emergence of Europe" will be an essay.  You will write a minimum of three (3) paragraphs of information--including a brief introduction (5 points) leading to the opinion statement (thesis), factual paragraph (15 points) with supporting details, and a brief conclusion (5 points) reflecting personal evaluation/interpretation of the opinion statement.  An additional component of the grade (5 points) covers grammatical/stylistic issues.  Total point value for the essay:  30 points.

You will select one of two opinion statements that I give you.  You may choose to emphasize fewer facts with greater detail; you may choose to emphasize a broader range of facts with less detail.  Either way, you will need detail.  Specifics matter.

Here, as a reminder, are the facts.
  1. The Crusades hastened the decline of the medieval church.
  2. The Crusades expanded the commercial activity of Europe.
  3. The Crusades weakened the feudal structure of Europe.
  4. The Crusades opened new horizons to the people.

What will you do with them?

Here are the "prompts" for the test......

The Crusades transformed Europe.

The Crusades accomplished nothing.